Metabo KS 18 LTX 57 Circular Saw, Body Only + MetaLoc

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  • Powerful, light cordless circular saw for universal use on construction sites.
  • Aluminium base plate can be directly used on guide rails from Metabo and other manufacturers.
  • Fast brake stops the saw blade quickly and improves safety.
  • Accurately angled bevel cuts down to 50°, with handy snap-in point at 45°.
  • 0° position re-adjustable for highest cutting precision.
  • Clearly visible cutting indicator for precise sawing after initial cut.
  • Handle with non-slip soft-grip surface for safe guidance.
  • Extraction possibility by means of connecting an all-purpose vacuum cleaner.
  • Precise cuts with guide rail and adapter (accessory).
  • Battery packs with capacity display for checking the charge status.
  • Ultra-M technology: highest performance, gentle charging and 3 years of warranty on the battery pack.
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